Filotech is the new generation vehicle identification technology of Türkiye Petrolleri. A first in Turkey, this secure system is defined on the number plate, and it works without a card and without installing a device on your vehicle. With this system, you can save on your expenses by keeping your fuel expenditures of your vehicle or vehicles under control, while getting special discounts based on your fuel consumption.

Filotech, will allow you to get fuel quickly without getting out of the vehicle, from the widespread station network of Türkiye Petrolleri. It is very easy to become a member of Turkey's first device-free, cardless vehicle identification network: You can enter your credit card information only once in our Masterpass compatible system and you do not have to do it every time you purchase fuel.


The Experience Of Buying Fuel Without Getting Out Of The Vehicle

You can make contactless fuel purchases quickly in our nationwide station network throughout Turkey.

Fast and Secure Payment Possibility

By placing a payment order through Masterpass integration you can;

  • Define one or more credit cards in the system,
  • Set your limits at once with pre-authorization,
  • Define an order of priority among your cards.
  • Moreover, you can make your purchases safely by defining all your bank cards to Masterpass.

Possibility Of Discounts In Fuel Purchases

  • You can get discounts on your fuel with Filotech,
  • You can take advantage of discounts and offers based on your fuel consumption. 

Fleet Management Possibility

  • With Filotech, you can track your fuel consumption online 24/7, view your reports on the system,
  • You can set daily and monthly limits for the vehicles in your fleet,
  • You can control the fuel consumption of your vehicles using the interface offered for you, define your vehicles as passive or active by to their number plate, and turn them off or on for fuel purchase,
  • You can easily access all this information through the system and manage your time.

Ease Of Accounting
You can facilitate operational processes with invoices issued twice a month thanks to the automatic invoicing system.

Customer Service
You can find answers to your questions and share your opinions and suggestions with our Customer Service Hotline, which you can have access to 24/7.